Take this MOMENT. Make it MARVELOUS. Move forward

More good vibes here

More good vibes here

Those people who just don’t get the hint that you are not interested… But you are not the type of person to be mean or rude. So you are still being kind but not giving them any reason to hold on or keep trying. Yet, they still are… Yeah talk about all things awkward and starting to get creeped out.

Been busy and frustrated…

So I was in the middle of an arguement with someone and I got tired of them repeating the same thing over and over again… I threw them completely off guard. Point one for quick wit and being clever.

Me: I really hope you aren’t allergic to nuts…
This dude: …I’m not… Where the hell did that come from?
Me: It came from if you don’t shut your mouth in about 2.2 I’m going to end up kicking yours into your throat…

Dumbfounded and utterly out of anything to say he chose wisely and walked away.

Life isn’t about finding yourself… Its about creating yourself…

THIS IS MY POEM I’M HYPERVENTILATING this is fucking goregous


THIS IS MY POEM Iā€™M HYPERVENTILATING this is fucking goregous